Written by Melissa Vatterott, Food and Farm Coordinator. Originally published in August 2015.


Their Food Story: Sprouthood is an app for discovering the food produced around you. Connect with gardeners, farmers, friends and neighbors to plan gardens, share harvests, and eat well together. Sprouthood is your connection to local food.


A Person Behind the Project: Ryan Albritton is a co-founder of Sprouthood and an avid gardener with experience in the landscape and design industry. The idea for Sprouthood come from a desire to link gardeners and backyards together and solve a problem of coordination among urban growers. Ryan is also a musician and before tackling food, he co-founded a recording studio and local record label aimed at fostering collaboration within the local music scene. Ryan is a great ally of Melissa as they work together to address the needs for urban agriculture policy in the City of St. Louis.

Organization Websites: Sprouthood webpage, Sprouthood Facebook page, Sprouthood Twitter