Their Food Story: Skinker-Debaliviere Community Council is a community development organization in St. Louis City, which according to its website, “aims to be the connector, coordinator and facilitator of all aspects necessary to maintain and enhance the diverse, desirable and thriving community of Skinker DeBaliviere.” The Council oversees several programs for the community of Skinker DeBaliviere, including providing a drop-off location for the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) of Lee Farms LLC and facilitating the two community gardens in the neighborhood, the Block Unit 1035 Community Garden and the McPherson Community Garden.

A Person Behind the Project: Liz Pund is the executive director of SDCC and also a resident of the neighborhood. She believes that eating healthy foods is critical because they give us the energy to not only do our work well, but have energy left over to be patient, creative, contributing citizens in our communities. Community-based local food programs also play a critical role in building relationships among community members and the benefits of that spill over into other areas of the community, making us stronger all over.

Organization Websites: and SkinkerDeBaliviere Facebook page