Written by Megan Finnell, Spring 2015 Food and Farm Intern. Originally published August 2015.


Their Food Story: Seed-to-Table is a weekly special with a focus on organic gardening, culinary arts, nutrition, farm animal care, sustainability and global citizenship. The program is committed to growing a healthier community by equipping children and families with the knowledge and skills to lead healthy lives. The program features two outdoor gardens and three tower gardens.  A chicken coop provides fresh eggs and a kitchen classroom where children learn essential cooking skills and come to love many new foods. Students, teachers and families celebrate good health, fresh foods and cooking skills with cafeteria events and an annual farmer’s market where they share the bounty of fresh produce, plants, honey and saved seeds.

The Person Behind the Project: Almut Stephan Marino is the St. Louis area Food Revolution Ambassador for the Jamie Oliver Foundation, a national movement to make food education mandatory in schools. A registered dietitian, chef, and wellness coach by training, she is also a life-long organic gardener. She leads the Seed-to-Table program at the Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center, where her passion for gardening, cooking nutritious foods, and teaching has become her profession.

Website: Seed-to-Table Facebook Page