Energy efficiency is the cheapest, safest, and cleanest form of energy. Missouri has a long way to go before the energy that is generated is used efficiently. The American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE) ranks Missouri #44 when it comes to policies and investments in energy efficiency.

Levelized energy costs:

  • Energy Efficiency: 2-4 cents/kWh
  • Natural gas: 6-7 cents/kWh
  • Wind: 9 cents/kWh
  • Coal: 9-11 cents/kWh
  • Nuclear: 11cents/kWh
  • Solar PV: 15 cents/kWh

In 2011, the ACEEE released a detailed report on policies Missouri could adapt to improve our energy efficiency policies. The report included an analysis of the economic benefits for Missouri if we were to adopt the recommended policies:

  • $6.1 billion in lower energy bills
  • Create 8,500 new jobs throughout every county in Missouri
  • Meet 17% of electricity demand by 2025
  • Meet 10% of natural gas use compared to business as usual

MCE needs your help to push for sensible energy efficiency policies. Our energy efficiency problem in Missouri is similar to that of a leaky tire. It makes sense to stop the leak before putting air in the tire. Missouri has a lot of leaks and they must be patched before pursuing new energy development. Missouri will waste new energy developed at our current rate unless we move to address this problem, whether it is new nuclear, coal, natural gas or renewable energy.