The People’s Guide to Environmental Action in Missouri is a multi-media project of Missouri Coalition for the Environment. The goal of this project is to empower community members to become more engaged in local environmental policies.

The People’s Guide to Environmental Action in Missouri will be a resource for concerned community members on the specifics of how and why to advocate for environmental issues in the state of Missouri. The guide will be a strategic combination of online, printed, and in-person resources.. 

Currently, MCE offers the The People’s Pocket Guide to Environmental Action, an abridged version, of the forthcoming full guide. The Pocket Guide is available in print and by downloading or clicking on the image.

This brief guide is an overview of environmental advocacy tactics. It provides a baseline understanding of environmental advocacy, including summaries of certain actions such as filing a public comment, and how these actions can be effective for resolving environmental concerns. The guide also touches on grassroots organizing and how to build momentum within a community around an issue. 


Listen to the podcasts! Hear MCE discuss the guide, the importance of citizen advocacy, and how you can make a difference in your local government on KDHX’s Earthworms and KTRS’s Growing Green.