Earlier this year, Ordinance 240434 Version 1 was referred to the KC City Council, aiming to amend certain sections of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC 2021) / KCMO Energy Code. 

Ordinance 240434 Version 1:

  • Proposes a compliance path that requires building plans to show a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score of 68 or lower (lower is better) for permit applications
  • Mandates the completion and submission of the following 3rd Party Inspections during construction: Insulation Inspection, Duct Leakage Testing, and Whole House Leakage Testing
  • Requires a Final Compliance HERS report verifying the score of 68 by a qualified Energy Rater for final approval

Version 2 of Ordinance 240434 states that this compliance path would align with strategies B-2 (improve the efficiency, affordability, and durability of homes) and B-3 (ensure climate-ready, efficient construction) of the Kansas City Climate Action and Resiliency Plan.

MCE and many other local environmental organizations oppose the adoption of Ordinance 240434. The primary concern is that this ordinance represents a step in the wrong direction in terms of energy efficiency, raising concerns for homebuyers of homes built under this amended code if it were to pass. The current IECC requires a HERS score of 51, however, this ordinance proposes a score of 68, which is significantly less energy-efficient.

As far as the 3rd party inspections, these are only required for the first build of each Master Building Plan, not for any subsequent builds.

Adopting this ordinance would set Kansas City back in its efforts to lead by example and achieve the outcomes of the Kansas City Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan. Many other municipalities are adopting the IECC 2021 standards, and Kansas City should strive to do the same to stay at the forefront of energy efficiency and sustainability.

You can help MCE and other organizations by urging the Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee to oppose Ordinance 240434 before the scheduled July 17 meeting by emailing the following Council Members: 

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