Our parks being accessible is a must, as it encourages both mental and physical wellness. We have a collective responsibility to respect and protect our natural areas. Which is why it is so important to do what we can to support keeping parks open during the pandemic.

Come prepared

With things changing day by day, it is good to check to see what hours the park you’re planning to visit is open, to learn of any current restrictions to be aware of, and to have a backup plan if it is too crowded. You can also prepare by using the restroom before you go, bringing sanitizer, water and a snack.

Socially Distance

As the CDC guidelines recommend, avoid close contact with others and large crowds by remaining six feet apart at all times. Enjoying nature is the perfect place to get out of the house and have an adventure while still staying safe.

Wear masks

Wearing a mask is a great way for people to do their part in keeping themselves and others safe and healthy. It also will support keeping parks open by showing that we can responsibly enjoy them during this time.

Look but don’t touch

To ensure the preservation of nature, it is always good practice to admire it without touching. But especially right now we need to keep in mind that when hiking, that rock you decide to rest on, or that tree you grab onto while hiking, could also be the same rock or tree touched by others for the same reason.


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