Are you a committed to protecting your watershed? Welcome to Watershed 101 where you can learn the basics of watershed function, how you can improve the health of yours, and pledge to be a Watershed Warrior!

Watersheds are extremely important to the environment as well as the surrounding community.  They include the water we use for recreation as well as the water we use for everyday life like drinking and bathing.  By pledging to become a Watershed Warrior, you are committing to make an effort to be conscious of how your decisions affect your watershed, as well as making an effort to reduce those impacts. Do you want to join our army of warriors fighting for clean, healthy watersheds??

1. Click Start Prezi below to learn ‘What every Watershed Warrior needs to know” starting with what a watershed is, water pollution threats, and what can be done to reduce water pollution in our communities and neighborhoods.

2. Before you take the quiz and pledge, you can find your watershed on our interactive watershed map! Maps of both the St. Louis and Kansas City areas will allow you to find your watershed, as well as where it is in relation to other features such as rivers and parks.

3. Let’s see what you learned! Scroll down to test your watershed knowledge on the short quizSelect Next after the Hellbender image to begin and progress through the questions. You can do it!!

You’re ready to become a Watershed Warrior! Take the quiz and pledge!