MCE has been tracking a proposed development called Canon Estates that underlines challenges conservationists face as they work to preserve Gans Creek and Gans Creek Wild Area. There was a protest scheduled for Monday, June 21st that was supposed to be in opposition of the 65.3 acre, 113-home residential development project on the border of Gans Creek Wild Area. Fortunately, the protest was able to be canceled after developers of the estate withdrew their proposal to City Council.

Gans Creek is one of 44 streams recognized by the Missouri Clean Water Commission as an outstanding water resource. Meanwhile, the Gans Creek Wild Area is one of 12 areas recognized by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Oppositionists of the residential development are worried that the development could bring disastrous pollution that would contaminate the water and decimate wildlife in the area. 

The development proposal had originally been brought up and rejected by the Planning and Zoning Commission by a 7-1 vote. It was then brought to City Council where it has been met with resounding opposition from residents and lovers of Gans Creek. Streams located in the western part of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park have already been affected by pollution and residents and conservationists are simply working to prevent the same thing from happening in Gans Creek.

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