Submit a Comment on the Upper Mississippi River Watershed Study

September 2019

Flood waters are slowly receding in some places, but the impacts of the Great Flood of 2019 continue to be felt across Missouri. Communities throughout the Midwest and the Lower Mississippi River Basin have been living through one of the longest periods of flooding ever recorded in the United States. This epic climate change-fueled flooding has uprooted the lives of many and washed away more than $12 billion worth of crops, livestock, and property across the region. But this flooding disaster isn’t just because of the weather. River and water management in the Midwest is out-of-date and out-of-touch with our changing climate.


State and federal agency leaders hosted a series of public listening sessions this past summer on flood risk management, regional impacts, and future planning in order to inform the Upper Mississippi River watershed study that has the potential to dramatically change future river and flood management. MCE staff and other conservation and environmental groups gathered to make their voices heard in Hannibal, Godfrey, and Cape Girardeau. Now, it is your turn to take action by submitting an online comment to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 


Commenting is easy! You can tell the Corps to develop a basin-wide river management plan that balances public safety with environmental needs by following these four simple steps: 


  1. Use this link to access the comment page.


  1. Select a topic: 
    1. Channel Maintenance And Sedimentation;
    2. Extended Drought Conditions; or
    3. Flood Risk Management.


  1. Fill in your information. 


  1. Copy and paste a question, concern, opportunity or new idea from the ideas in this document.  Or, write your own!