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What part of the food system do you work on?

Community Development, Education and Access. We are a community development organization that uses the power of growing food to change people’s lives and communities. Working with small children to adult populations we try to serve all demographics while focusing on underserved populations.

What other organizations in STL does your organization work with on food issues?

We work with many partners throughout the region. Some of our largest partners include: Missouri Foundation for Health, St. Louis Public Schools, St. Louis County Library, Operation Food Search, St. Patricks Center and many more.

Any projects in the works?

Always. We are focusing a lot of energy on finding a new, centralized location for our offices and hoping to build our Land Trust over the winter heading into next spring.

Where do you see the future of STL’s food system?

We have work to do. I think there are a lot of opportunities for St. Louis to be a leader in the Midwest when it comes to a robust food system. We have land to allocate to food projects, which is a very unique situation if you take other cities into consideration. As a region, we have a lot of resources in Agriculture, if many of those entities can come together, we could do some great things for the region.

What do you do outside of your job that supports the local food system?

Buy food that is from local farms, support other organizations in their efforts and many of us are community and neighborhood gardeners outside of work. We always try to practice what we preach.

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