STLFPC Member Organizations

The St. Louis Food Policy Coalition is a group of stakeholders who represent organizations, businesses, farms, local government, and other entities that either 1) work to advance at least one of the core values or 2) work in the counties that the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition supports. The STLFPC functions as a formal multi-stakeholder entity.

Coalition Allies

Coalition Allies are organizations and individuals that have declared in writing, either by mailed letter or email communication, that they support the mission and vision statements of STLFPC and offer to provide resources to further the STLFPC’s goals, such as informational materials and support at events. Coalition Allies do not need to be willing to participate in grassroots lobbying or advocacy activities but they are welcome to participate in work group meetings as they see fit.

Board of Advisors

Advisors are individuals sought out by the Director, either with or without recommendation by other coalition members, that demonstrate particular expertise necessary to further the goals of STLFPC and who cannot participate in work groups given their geographic location, work schedule, or other conflict. The Director calls on the advisors for input, feedback, or other forms of assistance as needed.

Work Groups

Steering Committee members and individuals in the community with related expertise and interest will come together to form work groups to advance a policy or collaborative project initiative. The Steering Committee determines which initiatives the Coalition will lead and work groups will be formed to take action on those initiatives. One or two Chairs will lead each work group and the role of Chair will be filled by a Steering Committee Member.

Community Member Involvement

STLFPC welcomes and encourages community members to join a work group, become a Coalition Ally, or attend public community meetings. Additionally, residents of North St. Louis interested in advancing strategies to address healthy food access in North St. Louis are encouraged to connect with the Food Equity Advisory Board, now led by Tosha Phonix and Kelly McGowen at EVOLVE – Elevating Voices of Leaders Vying for Equity. MCE continues to coordinate with FEAB to ensure collaboration with STLFPC members and others in the St. Louis community committed to addressing food justice.

Without the involvement of individuals who live in the communities we seek to support, we cannot ensure that our strategy and projects will benefit those communities. Thus, STLFPC finds it essential to support the involvement of community members and arrange our meeting times and spaces accordingly to maximize the involvement of interested community members.


Current Coalition Members

Matt Schindler, Gateway Greening


Leslie Bertsch, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist

MU Extension in St. Louis County

Debi Kelly, Horticulture and Local Foods Specialist
MU Extension in Jefferson County

Ryan Albritton, Sprouthood

Trina Ragain, Operation Food Search

Sara Hale, Fair Shares CCSA

Lindsey Motto, EarthDance Farms


Brian DeSmet, Fair Food Network

Gena Jain, One STL


Clare Higgins, Urban Harvest STL




Lucas Signorelli, STL MetroMarket



Rev. Audrey Hollis and Steve Hollis, United People Market

Ellen Barnidge, Saint Louis University School for Public Health and Social Justice

Gibron Jones, Holistic Organic Sustainable Cooperatives



Erica Williams, A Red Circle

Rachelle Bartnick, American Heart Association

Dana Giboney-Wallace, St. Louis County Department of Public Health

Craig Schmid, City of St. Louis Department of Health








James Forbes and James Hillis, Good Life Growing

Becky Reinhart, DeSales Community Development

Preston Walker, Eat Here St. Louis

Clara Steyer, Washington University Office of Sustainability

Kelly McGowan, Gateway Region YMCA & WEDO

Denise Evans, Slow Food St. Louis

North Newstead Association, Constance Siu


Individual Members

Lynn Peemoeller, Food Systems Planner

Jenn DeRose, Program Manager and Communications Specialist for the Green Dining Alliance



Current Coalition Allies


Miranda Duschack, Lincoln University Cooperative Extension




Jenny Connelly-Bowen, Community Builders Network


BJC’s Healthy Schools Healthy Communities

City Greens Market


For more information about how you or your organization can be involved in the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition, contact MCE Food and Farm Director, Melissa Vatterott, at mvatterott@moenviron.org or by phone at 314-727-0600, ext. 111.