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Below you will see a DNR Sunshine request template that we often modify and use at MCE. This is a pretty formal request template and some sections apply specifically to nonprofit organizations and/or public interest groups. You may see a simpler Sunshine request template here and an example of a submitted Sunshine request here

Bracketed sections should be filled out with your personal information and/or information about the group or organization that you represent. Sections in parenthesis may be included in the Sunshine request if they are applicable to you/your group or organization. Sections in italics are meant to guide you and should not be included in the final Sunshine request. Please contact Sophie Watterson at if you have specific questions about completing this template or submitting a public records request. 

If you belong to an organization or community group, you may include a header with your organization’s logo and/or a footer with your organization’s contact information (mailing address, email address, web address, fax and/or phone number).



Custodian of Record
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102


Sunshine Request: [Brief Description of the Request]

To whom it may concern,

This request for information is submitted on behalf of [your organization or group name] pursuant to the “Missouri Sunshine Law.”  R.S.Mo. §§ 610.010-310.028.  [I/we] request that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) make the following documents available electronically:

[Body of request]

(Documents encompassed by this request may include but are not limited to letters, e-mails, memoranda, research, reports, notes of meetings and telephone conversations, and all other communications and records of communication.)

[Explanation of your organization, group, and/or personal reason for the request]. This request will significantly contribute to the public’s understanding of [your topic of concern e.g. state water quality, concentrated animal feeding operations, etc.]

If requesting on behalf of a nonprofit organization and/or public interest group, you may include the following two paragraphs to request a fee waiver

  • (Section 610.026(1) of the Missouri Sunshine Act authorizes the waiver of copying and research fees in Sunshine requests when the waiver is “in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the public governmental body.”  [I/your organization or group name have/has] no commercial interest in the information sought, and therefore [request/requests] a waiver for copying costs of the above requested documents.
  • If this request for a fee waiver is denied, please contact [your name] in advance if charges are expected to exceed [amount of money you/your group or organization is comfortable paying, e.g. $100].  [I/we] reserve the right to appeal a denial of this request.  Again, if an excessive amount of documents are responsive to this request, [your name/your organization or group name] is willing to review responsive files at DNR offices and specify documents for copying.  If the DNR feels there are responsive records that are not informative on the matter [I/we] would be happy to discuss the possibility of narrowing [my/our] request to exclude such records.  This will hopefully reduce the time and costs associated with copying documents responsive to this request.)

If DNR finds it proper to withhold all or part of a document or information under a claim of privilege or exemption from the Sunshine Law, (or deny the requested fee waiver,) please promptly notify [me/us] of the DNR’s intended action and the reasons thereof, including the legal authority for the DNR’s decision to withhold said document or information.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the foregoing or the scope of this request, please contact [your name/your organization or group name] at the corresponding phone number or email address below.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.



[Your name]

[Your title]

[Your organization’s or group’s name (if applicable)]

[Phone number]

[Email address]