Thank you for your support of decreased carbon pollution and increased renewable energy!

We want to give a big Thank You to all the individuals who submitted comments and to all the supporting environmental, faith-based, and health-based organizations who signed onto our letters of organizational support for the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. We submitted all of the individual comments and the letters of support to the EPA on Monday, December 1st. From our organizational outreach efforts, we gathered support from 3 health-based organizations, 13 faith-based organizations, and 19 environmental organizations.

In case you have not heard, the EPA received a record-breaking 8 million comments in support of the Clean Power Plan! It is because of the support and commitment from individuals and organizations like you that we flooded the EPA with so much support!

This is not the end of MCE’s efforts for reduced carbon pollution and increased energy efficiency and renewable energy in Missouri!

We are continuing to gather support, but we now gathering petition signatures and organizational support for a letter addressed to the Department of Natural Resources and Governor Nixon about the Governor’s Comprehensive State Energy Plan. The Governor just announced that his deadline for receiving comments has been extended to March 31st. This deadline extension allows us to gather even greater support and build larger momentum for a statewide plan that prioritizes renewable energy and energy efficiency, creates clean energy jobs, protects Missourians’ health, and protects our air and water resources from power plant pollution. Therefore, we ask that you please add your name to our petition and also share the petition with your friends and family who may be interested in joining our state-wide effort! This form will allow others to more easily sign on by simply providing their name, organization, and email address.

With four more months to gather petition signatures and demonstrate our support for renewable energy and reducing carbon pollution, MCE plans to continue to speak out to the public and to politicians about the importance of the effort. In particular, MCE will continue to voice our support for renewable energy and reducing carbon pollution as  Governor Nixon’s Working Groups for the state energy plan begin meeting to develop the plan. Likewise, we will be voicing support to DNR after the EPA hands down Missouri-specific goals for DNR to implement from the Clean Power Plan.

Therefore, there will be much more you can do with MCE in the coming months to support a cleaner, healthier Missouri!  We cannot thank you enough for being a part of our effort to see that the EPA develops a strong Clean Power Plan – without you, the EPA would not have received the 8 million comments in support of the rule!

We will keep you informed as we move forward with energy and climate policy efforts. Likewise, please feel free to inform me of what you are doing related to environmental protection and if there an initiative of which you would like MCE to be a part.

Visit our Clean Air Missouri Resources webpage to find an array of online resources related to the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Governor Nixon’s Comprehensive State Energy Plan as well as resources on climate change and energy policy generally.