Environmental protection depends on the rights of workers to blow the whistle on health, safety, and environmental violations. Therefore, Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE) stands by labor organizations in opposition to Proposition A on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

Labor unions support workers who push back against short-sighted decisions and corporate actions that prioritize profit over people and the environment. For example, enforcement of many environmental and health regulations is possible only because of workers who report them. In many cases, workers are the only ones in a position to report illegal dumping, permit violations, or water contamination. Without strong protections for unions, entire communities are at risk. Strong unions help protect whistleblowers and hold corporations accountable.

Unions also perform important watchdog functions. They have the right to request Health Hazard Evaluations from the Occupational Safety Health Administration, for example.  A worker’s concerns can be elevated more quickly through a union and a union can speak powerfully on behalf of several individuals who may not otherwise be able to advocate for themselves. Missouri’s communities are safer and healthier when workers unionize because safety at work affects not only those on the job but all people affected by the work. From mine workers to construction workers, refuse haulers and many more, our communities depend on compliance with health, safety, and environmental laws.

MCE stands with labor unions to protect the health and safety of workers and their communities.

“Right-to-work” is wrong for Missouri. Vote no on Proposition A on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

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