St. Louis, MO – Senator Blunt, Senator McCaskill, Congressman Clay and Congresswoman Wagner sent a letter on February 28, 2014, to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7. The letter requested:

  • That the EPA contract directly with the Army Corps of Engineers to handle any and all remediation needed at the site.
  • That the Corps be involved with the development of the EPA’s forthcoming Record of Decision.

Public reaction to the letter on the West Lake Landfill Facebook Page has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s now up to EPA Region 7 to give the community and its elected officials what we want, and that is the involvement of the Corps of Engineers,” said Ed Smith with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. “The Corps has a positive track record at sites around St. Louis contaminated with the same radioactive wastes as those illegally dumped at the West Lake Landfill in 1973.”

MCE applauds the request from federally elected officials. MCE continues to support the Corps of Engineers being officially put in charge at the site.