Alicia and Joshua Davis never intended to become full time farmers. The husband and wife duo both have engineering degrees from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. However, when Joshua discovered aquaponics, a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish supplies the nutrients for plant growth, which in turn purifies the water, the two found themselves quickly immersed into the world of farming. Soon, they moved out into the country in order to have a building to practice aquaponics. Green Finned Hippy Farm was primarily incorporated as a tilapia hatchery. However, due to state regulations and frequent power outages, the couple decided to focus their efforts in on other aspects of farming.

Today, Alicia and Josh run a one stop shop for natural pasture range meat where sustainable practices are carefully followed and animals are treated with love and respect. They believe that the way to get the best tasting product is to make sure the livestock have the highest quality of life while alive.  Livestock like chickens and goats graze the pastures and are rotated on the land. No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or chemicals are used. Captured rain is the main source of water for the hogs. Cows are grass fed and grass finished and, therefore, do not eat grain their entire lives.

They sell their products at a little store on their farm, make deliveries to Troy and O’Fallon, Illinois, and are kick-starting their “Farm to Table” delivery service this fall! The goal of the delivery service is to make obtaining high quality pasture raised food fast, easy, and convenient! At their Farm Store, you can find pasture-raised pork, eggs, beef, poultry, eggs, goats milk and pesticide-free produce. They even sell American Mulefoot Hog, an endangered species of hog that is not sold anywhere else in Illinois. Most of the products they sell cannot be found in any store.

Along with their selling of their products, the Davises also hold events on their farm to connect with people from the surrounding community. Their farm aims to offer year round activities to draw people to the farm. Whether it’s our spring and fall goat yoga classes, summertime blackberry picking and cheese making classes, or wintertime “Off the Grid Sunset Yoga” classes and hard cheese making seminars, they want to bring people back to the land, see where their food is being raised, and connect with it on a new level. Goat yoga has become a popular favorite in the fall and spring seasons. To get tickets for these classes, visit their Square Store or like them on Facebook.

“It is important for people to come to the farm to see what environment their food comes from. Many big box stores advertise sustainable practices but very rarely do they hold themselves to the standard that Green Finned Hippy Farm does. True organic pasture raised animals take lots of time and effort to care for and many purportedly sustainable companies have found a way to skirt the system. Go to a local farmer, ANY local farmer. They will appreciate your business more than any Aldi, Whole Foods, or Costco ever will!” – Alicia from Green Finned Hippy Farm.

Orders for their delivery service can be made at their Facebook page or by calling 618-669-2897.