Written by Melissa Vatterott, Food and Farm Coordinator. Originally published in June 2015.

Their Food Story: Lincoln University Cooperative Exentsion (LUCE) programs and projects cover a variety of topics, and their outreach efforts primarily serve small farmers in twelve counties throughout the state of Missouri. One such initiative is the Innovative Small Farmers’ Outreach Program (ISFOP), which works with small, disenfranchised, and underserved farmers and ranchers in Missouri to run their farms in a more efficient and environmentally sound manner by making existing resources available and readily accessible. ISFOP is made possible with partnership from University of Missouri Extension (UME), other USDA and state agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

A Person Behind the Project: Miranda Duschack not only provides assistance to small farmers in the area, but she is also a farmer herself in St. Louis! She is the Innovative Small Farmers’ Outreach Program area coordinator and St. Louis City and County Farm Outreach Worker for LUCE. Miranda and Karen “Mimo” Davis also run Urban Buds: City Grown Flowers in the Dutchtown Neighborhood of St. Louis, where they grow specialty cut flowers and honeybees.


Organizational Website: Lincoln University Cooperative Extension (LUCE)