by Caitlin Zera                                                         February 17, 2016

This weekend is the 10th Annual Colorado Environmental Film Festival (CEFF) in Golden, Colorado. The festival celebrates independent films that focus on big and small stories about environmental issues near and far.

There’s sure to be no shortage on activism and excitement with a line-up of films that discuss a huge spectrum of issues – everything from fast food to compost, tiny houses to sustainable forestry, honey bees to tiny fish.

You can find a schedule of the festival here, and as one might take note, I’ve heavily marked up my schedule with films I’m looking forward to seeing.

Caitlin's CEFF Schedule
Caitlin’s CEFF 2016 Schedule

CEFF is an intimate festival and has only two concurrent sessions, yet the decisions about which films to see is arduous – if only there was time to catch them all.

What’s exciting about CEFF is that it is full of short films and it features nonfiction and fiction work. CEFF has shown big name films like Damnation (at last year’s festival) but also caters to small films and independent filmmakers you aren’t likely to see covered in mainstream media.

Check back throughout this weekend for posts about the festival and reviews of films hot off the press! You can also follow @catlinzera for live twitter updates from festival.