Find your watershed on our interactive maps! St. Louis and Kansas City area maps follow.

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To use the maps:

  • Arrow to down in the “Legend” frame to display “Layers”  frame.
  • Check/uncheck selection boxes to show or hide layers of information.
  • Zoom in and out to see your neighborhood and locate your watershed.

Major Map Features:

Major Rivers – Gravity caries rain and stormwater across landscapes, draining to the lowest point where it collects – often in a ditch, creek, or stream. These smaller waterways carry the water and pollutants, sediment, and other debris into our major rivers which deliver it, ultimately, to the ocean (via the Gulf of Mexico in our case).

Watersheds – Watershed boundaries denote the high points of land that drain into the creeks, streams, and rivers within these natural boundaries.

Parks and rainscaping – Green space provides greater infiltration for stormwater, helping to collect runoff and prevent pollutants from contaminating our streams and drinking water.

Greenways – Commonly found near urban areas, greenways offer an area of undeveloped land to connect people with the natural environment. They often take the form of hiking trails or multipurpose vegetated pathways.

View the St. Louis map here.