Terripin Farms

Terripin Farms, which is located near Quincy, IL, is on two plots of land — one, about five acres, leased from Four Winds Farm, and a second, owned by Terripin, of about 10 acres. On this land Terripin grows a large variety of vegetables. The MCE staff that went to visit met with Jess Whiston, who runs the farm with her husband Brad. Jess handles most of the farm’s marketing, and told us about the community’s high demand for local food as we stood by the field. Terripin doesn’t use synthetic pesticides or GMOs and spends plenty of time weeding to keep their crops healthy. Right next to the field is a small roadside stand that had a constant stream of customers the entire time we were there — here Jess was selling squash, zucchini, tomatoes, green beans and more. Aside from their stand, Terripin has runs a CSA with more than 100 members and provides produce for local restaurants. To find out more about buying a CSA share, you can look at the Terripin website here.