MCE Operations

MCE is taking precautions to protect our employees and members during this challenging time by working remotely and transitioning all in-person meetings to virtual ones. We encourage our members to take similar precautions and minimize contact as much as possible to help stem the spread of this virus.

Our Community 

To the extent we can continue to advocate for a healthy environment for everyone in Missouri, we are doing so. In addition to concerns for individuals affected by COVID-19, we are deeply concerned about the physical, mental, and economic health of all people who are impacted by this crisis, including:

  • The growers and ranchers whose stewardship protects our air, land, and water resources.
  • The businesses who ensure local, healthy food is available in our communities.
  • The workers who maintain our parks and open spaces.
  • All government employees and elected officials who continue to work so that basic services are available.
  • And many more.


Our Environment & Advocacy

The effects of this virus and the resulting economic shutdown have yet to be seen fully but we know that virtually everyone is touched by it. The results for the environment are varied. We recognize that this shutdown is going to reduce emissions from sectors such as transit and the built environment. Inputs into our lakes, rivers, and streams will be reduced as demand for certain products decreases. We also know that in situations where our society has relied on reusing and minimizing waste, we will see massive increases in disposables. It’s reasonable to assume that over the next few months we are going to learn new habits and change our behaviors, some for the better and some for the worse. We can also anticipate that when business and industry get up and running again it will not be a slow ramping up, but a massive push to get back to old levels.

During these upcoming weeks and months many government decisions will be put on hold — slowing down bad policies in the best cases — while other decisions will be fast-tracked. We cannot take our eye off the ball during this crisis and that’s why MCE will continue to watchdog government and look for opportunities to advocate for the environment and public health. Many events, including festivals and lobby days, have been canceled over the next few months. However, we will continue to send out e-alerts and ask you to call and email your decision-makers. We know that there are many demands on everyone to adjust to this crisis. We appreciate any time and resources you can share with MCE to advance these issues while we weather this virus and the shutdown. And we are here for you if you have questions or ideas for how we can better serve our members and stand up for environmental protection.