Missouri Senate passes SB 40, stripping authorities of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and associated commissions to protect our health and environment!

SB 40 will have detrimental effects on Missourians’ health and environment. This bill:
  • removes emissions testing for vehicles in St. Charles, Franklin, and Jefferson Counties
  • causes the state to lose $1.5 million in annual revenue, weakening DNR’s budget
  • risks the state losing up to $52 million in annual federal funds by 2024 due to failure to implement the federally-mandated emissions inspection program, which we have because St. Louis fails federal emissions standards!
  • severely limits the Hazardous Waste Management Commission’s authority and effectively ends the Brownfields/Voluntary Clean Up program 
  • may force the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to step in and enforce federal environmental law


Please express your outrage to your Senators — even if your Senator voted “no,” they MUST do more! They need to speak up and work to persuade their colleagues to vote “no” along with them, that bills like these are not good for Missourians.
Don’t know who your Missouri senator is? Click here.
Stay tuned the week of April 12 for action with the Missouri House of Representatives!