Bangert Island Development Threatens MO River Floodplain

September 2019

Did you know that yet another floodplain development on the Missouri River is under consideration? The proposed “Bangert Island Riverfront Transformation Project” now known as “Riverpointe” would join the proposed Maryland Park Lake District development and the existing Chesterfield Valley developments in paving over and raising even more acres out of our precious remaining floodplains in this short stretch of the Missouri River. The developers involved in all of these floodplain development projects claim that there will be minimal impacts to flooding, but there are no efforts to assess the cumulative impacts of all of these developments combined.

MCE wrote this letter to the Mayor Borgmeyer over 3 months ago, and we have yet to receive a response. The development even grabbed national headlines (‘Even as floods worsen, Midwest towns plan new riverfront development’) when it appeared in the Washington Post in July. 


Sign this public petition to let developers and St. Charles City officials know that you are concerned about this floodplain development!


Click on this image to read MCE’s comments to Mayor Borgmeyer.