Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE) is a non-profit, independent environmental organization committed to educating, organizing and advocating in defense of Missouri’s people and their environment. Founded in 1969, MCE has been protecting the environment for over 50 years, working to sustain access to clean air, clean water, healthy food, and green space. MCE advocates at all levels of government to enforce environmental policies that will protect our land and natural resources, while also educating the public on how they can make informed decisions regarding the environment and its policies. 

Thanks to the unwavering support of our members and partners, MCE has had a significant influence on a broad range of environmental issues, and we could not have done it without their help. Since it’s the season of thanks, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks to the many community members and partners that have stood by us in our efforts to protect our environment and ensure a safer, more sustainable future for Missouri. As much as we would like to, it would be difficult to recognize each of our partners, but we’d like to highlight some of those that we’ve done recent work with. 

We’d like to give a special thanks to Slow Food St. Louis, St. Louis Food Policy Coalition, Tower Grove Market, Eat Here St. Louis, Operation Food Search, City Greens, Local Harvest, Missouri River Relief, and StraightUp Solar, with whom we have been able to accomplish a great deal this year. To name a few achievements, we’ve started a gleaning program, put together an Action Guide to Environmental Advocacy, have been actively fighting concentrated animal feeding operations, passed an urban agriculture pilot program in the 26th Ward, and much more to advocate for a healthy environment for Missouri’s people. 

Considering the ever-changing conditions of our world, our work to protect our people and our environment is a job that will never be done. With the help of our members and partners, we will continue to address the environmental issues impacting our communities. To support our work and collaborations, visit our website to become a member and follow us on social media (@moenvironment) to stay up to date with our latest resources and actions to take. To check out our other partners and green groups in Missouri, you can visit https://moenvironment.org/green-groups-in-missouri/. If you notice an organization missing from this list, you can contact us at moenviron@moenviron.org.