The Missouri Coalition for the Environment’s (MCE) Advocacy Guide to Environmental Action (Advocacy Guide) is designed to help communities across Missouri address local environmental issues. This resource was created by MCE with input from other environmental advocates in Missouri. As you read through the guide, you will find their recommendations and insights, providing additional perspectives to guide you through your advocacy work. The Advocacy Guide is a resource for individuals and communities that want to protect and advocate for issues impacting Missouri’s environment and public health.

The People’s Pocket Guide to Environmental Action

MCE has also created a handled People’s Pocket Guide to Environmental Action that is provided to communities at events and meetings we attend. You can view a PDF of the guide by clicking on the image below.

How Can I Use This Guide?

The Advocacy Guide can be used to help you approach a range of advocacy goals using an assortment of approaches. You may want to jump into a specific section or start reading the sections one by one. We have included links and cross-references so that you can easily access the information that will help you construct an advocacy approach that best suits your situation.

This guide can help at any stage of your advocacy work.

No matter the stage of your advocacy efforts, this guide should have something to help support you and your community. If you are unsure where to start, Part 1 of this guide walks you through how to learn about local, state, and federal officials and agencies that might be relevant to your issue. It also provides resources to learn more about Missouri’s natural resources and environment, and suggests where you might sign up for email lists to stay informed about statewide issues. Alternatively, you may already know what resources you are specifically looking for when using this guide. Information on how to write an effective public comment, how to best organize a group of community members to address a specific issue, how to access public records with a Sunshine request, and many other topics can be easily found using the table of contents below.

This guide is a jumping off point for your advocacy.

Please note that this guide is not a comprehensive resource to all environmental issues throughout Missouri. MCE intends for this guide to enhance your advocacy efforts, but recognizes that you will encounter issues and challenges unique to your specific issue, location, organizational capacity, and more. In all sections of the guide, MCE has linked resources to other agencies and organizations located in Missouri that may help further your understanding and provide additional tools.

MCE staff is also available to answer any questions. Please use us as a resource.

This guide is continuously evolving.

We would love to hear your feedback as you use this guide! Share a story of success from your community advocacy work, how this resource has helped your advocacy, or anything else you would like to learn more about by contacting us.

Advocacy Guide Sections

Video Tutorials

Report Environmental Concerns to Government Agencies
Commenting on Proposed Rules
Sign up for Proposed Rules Notifications
Commenting on Proposed Permits
Testifying Before the Missouri General Assembly
Submitting Missouri Sunshine Law Requests
Lobby Day Primer