Governor Nixon's Comprehensive State Energy Plan

Update: Governor Nixon released a Comprehensive State Energy Plan for Missouri in October 2015. The plan offers an array of policy options to reduce carbon dioxide pollution while further growing our clean energy economy. You can find the executive summary, which does not mention climate change, and the full report on the Division of Energy website. 

In June 2014, Governor Nixon signed Executive Order 14-06, requiring the Division of Energy under the Department of Economic Development to develop a Comprehensive State Energy Plan (CSEP) for Missouri. The DED established a State Energy Plan steering committee to craft the CSEP and to hold seven public meetings across the state for public feedback on what should be included in the Plan. The DED also established six technical Working Groups to assist the steering committee in crafting the plan. The Working Groups were "composed of interested and knowledgeable stakeholders who are being asked to identify research information, published papers, and data that will help inform and direct development of the plan. Working Groups [could] also be asked to help draft and/or review topic-specific sections of the plan."[1] Business leaders, experts, and members of the general public where allowed to apply to be a part of one of the following six Working Groups:

  • Electricity Generation, Fuels, and Resource Extraction
  • Energy Distribution and Storage
  • Energy Usage
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Energy Pricing and Rate Setting Processes
  • Energy Security, Assurance and Resources in Emergencies

For more information on the puropse, structure, and agendas for each working group, view the DED's overview of working groups document.

Below is a diagram outlining the development process of the CSEP. In May, 2015, Governor Nixon signed Executive Order 15-02, extending the deadline for the final CSEP's release from May 31, 2015 to October 15, 2015. 


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