Our-Future-Cover-4-30-12-232x300Our Future? A Vision for a Land, Water, and Economic Ethic in the Upper Mississippi River Basin

Date Published: 4/2012
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Geographic Area Covered: The Upper Mississippi River Basin comprised of the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

Abstract: Missouri Coalition for the Environment, with the help of several other organizations and individuals, has completed a new report on sustainability using the Upper Mississippi River Basin as the focus area. The report takes a different, and we believe a more rational and supportable approach, to sustainability than other reports typically have. This report is based upon the concept of “strong” sustainability that dispels the inaccurate primary assumptions that our society is based upon, that there are no limits to natural resources or economic growth. Using this approach, conclusions and recommendations become significantly different in creating a long-term vision for the region than our current, unsustainable economic view of the world elicits. The report does not ‘settle’ for mere tweaks of the current failed approaches- instead it insists on a bold vision. It provides specific information about the links between ongoing environmental damage in the Basin and our growth-seeking economy, which is fundamentally incompatible with limited natural resources. It is written to provoke thought, dialogue and movement. The report ‘connects the dots’ between structural problems in our economy and their river impacts and is a case study for a national strong sustainability program.

Key Words: carrying capacity, dead zone, ecological economics, ecological footprint, economic growth, ecosystem services, energy return on investment, floodplain, genuine progress indicator, global free trade, gross domestic product, industrial agriculture, inland waterways navigation, land use, local economies, local food,  mining, Mississippi River, natural resources, nutrients, organic, peak oil, soil erosion, sustainability, tar sands, wetland.

Staff Contact: Brad Walker: Wetlands and Floodplain Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

For more information or to order this report, contact the Missouri Coalition for the Environment (314) 727-0600).

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