Below is a listing of the publications we have written or strongly recommend. You can access each by clicking the publication item:

        People's Pocket Guide to Environmental Action

        2017 Missouri Coalition for the Environment









Decades of Delay:  EPA's leadership still lacking in protecting America's Great River

            November 2016


Missouri Coalition for the Environment Report, 4-12:

Our Future?  A Vision for a Land, Water, and Economic Ethic in the Upper Mississippi River BasinOur-Future-Cover-4-30-12-232x300


Report Page


Nicollet Island Coalition Publications

Report, 2-10: Big Price — Little Benefit: Proposed Locks on the Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers Are Not Economically Viable

NIC Report Big Price - Little Benefit Cover 2-10 232 x 267








Fact Sheets:

April 2015: BUSTED:Heavily Subsidized River Navigation Is Not As Efficient As Claimed



The Missouri Coalition for the Environment Foundation: July 2003

 Flooding Forgotten: The State of Missouri's Floodplain Management Ten Years after the 1993 Flood









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