At the core of our values we belive that collaboration, research, outreach and action are essential to effective environmental activism. Through our program areas we defend the progress that has been made by those who preceeded us, and we strive to continue in their dedicated tradition by vigorously pursuing restoration and preservation of Missouri's bountiful natural heritage. Programs typically engage on long-term resolution of large scale issues, like cleaning up nuclear waste, reducing fertilizer runoff from farms causing the Dead Zone, or promoting sustainable regional farming systems. We use strategies that employ media and public engagement, legal actions, scientific research, policy research, and the development of partnerships to achieve our goal of making Missouri to be a naturally safe, clean, and healthy place for every generation.

MCE Program Areas (for specific issues use the search box above):

Wetlands, Floodplains and Rivers

Food and Farm Program

Clean Water Program

Climate and Energy

West Lake Landfill


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