The EPA announced it will remove up to 70% of the radioactivity at the West Lake Landfill in the Record of Decision (ROD) it issued in 2018. While MCE supports 100% removal, this is a significant step forward that will reduce the threat of radioactive contamination in the region. MCE supports the safety of people closest to the landfill as our top priority while continuing our support for 100% removal of the radioactive material. We do this by engaging the EPA and community stakeholders through regular meetings to discuss the development of plans for implementation of the ROD. 

The EPA and Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) each have lead jurisdiction over different parts of the landfill. 

  • EPA oversees Operable Unit-1 (OU-1) and Operable Unit-3 (OU-3).  OU-1 contains the two areas of radioactively contaminated material for which the EPA issued a ROD in 2018. OU-3 is a new Superfund area the EPA established to further investigate groundwater contamination from radioactive an nonradioactive contaminants. 
  • DNR oversees Operable Unit-2 (OU-1) as well as stormwater pollution and air pollution permits for the landfill.

MCE breaks down the complexity of issues at West Lake Landfill by providing resources for you to better understand what has happened and will happen moving forward.