For immediate release: November 12, 2014

Contact: Heather Navarro, Missouri Coalition for the Environment

PJ Wilson, Renew Missouri

Survey shows 77% of Missouri voters support a state plan to cut carbon pollution

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Polling data released today by Clean Air Missouri shows Missouri voters overwhelming support a state plan that would reduce carbon pollution. Results from a statewide survey of 638 likely voters conducted in September by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, indicate 77% of Missourians favor a state plan that would reduce carbon pollution in Missouri by:

  • closing certain old, outdated and highly polluting coal power plants;
  • improving the efficiency of other existing coal plants;
  • making greater use of existing natural gas power plants;
  • increasing the use of clean and renewable energy like wind and solar; and
  • expanding utility programs to help consumers improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce their electricity bills.

“This survey indicates Missourians are ready to do something about carbon pollution,” said Heather Navarro, Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. ”We encourage the Governor and other state policymakers to implement a comprehensive state plan that reduces carbon pollution, increases the use of clean and renewable energy and expands energy efficiency to clean up our air, strengthen our economy and secure our energy future.”

According to the findings, Missouri voters do not think to protect the environment and economic development are in conflict. In fact, 73% believe Missouri can have a clean environment and a strong economy at the same time. On a bipartisan basis, Missouri voters reject the notion that protecting the environment has negative impacts on jobs and the economy. “Missourians know that a strong economy and a healthy environment go hand-in-hand,” said PJ Wilson, Director of Renew Missouri. “Transitioning to clean energy not only improves our environment but creates investment and quality job opportunities that bolster our economy now and for the future.”

Missourians also see the air quality benefits of reducing carbon pollution as a compelling reason to support a state energy plan that increases clean energy use and energy efficiency. Healthier air would reduce asthma and lung disease, and ultimately save lives. Cutting carbon emissions and transitioning to clean energy could reduce the related 8,000 annual Missouri hospital admissions, which is why many health groups, like the American Lung Association support such efforts.

Key findings from the statewide survey of Missouri voters include:

  • An overwhelming 77% support a state plan to reduce carbon pollution.
  • At least seven in ten support each of the individual elements (listed above) for a Missouri-specific plan.
  • A significant majority (73%) believe Missouri can have a clean environment and a strong economy at the same time, without having to choose one over the other.
  • Almost three out of four (72%) believe the use of clean energy will continue to create more quality local jobs in growing Missouri industries.
  • Increasing clean energy use and energy efficiency to create healthier air is a compelling reason to support a Missouri plan.
  • An overwhelming majority believe renewable energy keeps the air clean (88%) and is better for air and water quality than fossil fuels (86%).
  • A significant number (64%) think Missouri is too dependent on wealthy, powerful energy corporations.
  • Eight out of ten (81%) believe renewable energy would help make the state’s energy supply more secure and independent.
  • More than half (56%) support the EPA’s carbon emission limits on existing coal-fired power plants.

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Clean Air Missouri is a statewide coalition of public health organizations, clean energy businesses, faith communities, environmental organizations, academic institutions, and other
stakeholders. The coalition is committed to securing Missouri’s energy future, strengthening the economy and creating a healthy environment for all Missourians.