Below, you will find templates for posts about how to advocate for the environment in Missouri. Share these as Instagram stories or posts to inspire your followers to take action to protect their environment!

Helpful reminders as you share your post:

If you share an Instagram story, don’t forget to use the link feature, which will allow your followers to easily access the link that will redirect them to more information. You can also add the link to your bio for 24 hours, if you would like. Be sure to tag Missouri Coalition for the Environment (@moenvironment)!

If you share an Instagram post, you can make the link accessible to your followers by temporarily adding it to your bio. We suggest leaving it for about a week to ensure your followers have enough time to access it, but this is up to you. Above each template, you will find suggestions on information to include in your caption, but feel free to personalize and relate MCE’s actions to your own stories, experiences, and values — it can help your followers understand the importance of taking action when they connect with you! Don’t forget to tag Missouri Coalition for the Environment (@moenvironment) in the post or the caption.


MISSOURI POLLUTION WATCH — Have you noticed an environmental concern that you’d like to report? Let Missouri Coalition for the Environment, a statewide non-profit, know of your concern through the Missouri Pollution Watch form: Follow Missouri Coalition for the Environment @moenvironment for more information about how to protect Missouri’s environment.


You may download these images here.