MCE’s newly developed Safe Energy Program connects the dots of all aspects of Missouri energy issues from the big picture down to essential details. With your support, we will be able to take our Safe Energy Program to the next level by advocating for healthy, equitable, and sustainable energy policies in Missouri. The cleanest, cheapest, and safest form of energy is a kilowatt that is not used. Missouri is ranked 44th in energy efficiency. We can, and must, do better.

MCE’s Safe Energy Goals include:

  • the continual protection of a law that makes it illegal for monopoly electric utilities to charge its captive customers before a service is provided, like generating electricity from a new nuclear power plant. If it’s too risky for Wall Street and monopoly shareholders, it’s too risky for captive electric customers.
  • supporting a comprehensive plan to invest in energy efficiency. Missouri is wasting time and money by not addressing our lack of strong energy efficiency policies and investment.
  • advocating that Missouri’s elected officials recognize the will of Missourians who supported a Renewable Energy Standard (RES) in 2008 by passing Proposition C with the support of 66% of voters. Politics, not sensible policy, got in the way of effective implementation.
  • working with stakeholders to ensure radioactive waste that was illegally dumped in the Missouri River floodplain is not left there for generations.
  • opposing the expansion of nuclear power in Missouri, including “small” nuclear reactors and the proposed license extension of the Callaway 1 nuclear reactor.
  • working with citizens who own stock in monopoly electric utilities to address concerns about how the company is managing its assets and investments.
  • acknowledging that climate change is real and supports the scientific consensus that it is, at the very least, being exacerbated by humans over-dependence on fossil fuels.

MCE welcomes support from our members and the public to help us realize our goals. Sign up or learn more about volunteer opportunities with MCE’s Safe Energy Program.