Since 2004, Ameren Missouri has given 4,624 gifts to legislators and their staff totaling nearly $300,000. The money Ameren spends in Jefferson City is meant to get bills filed that erode consumer protections or hurt our environment.  

For example, Ameren Missouri has worked to erode or repeal our voter-approved ban on Construction Work in Progress (CWIP) since 2009 with the help of lawmakers in Jefferson City. CWIP allows monopoly electric utilities to shift the cost and risk of building new power plants to its customers instead of where it should rightfully remain, with their shareholders. Several bills have been filed to accelerate how much money monopoly utilities like KC P&L, Empire, and Ameren can recover from their customers before a service is actually provided, like building a new power plant to produce electricity. 

Help MCE balance out the money being spent by monopoly utilities throughout the last election and during the current legislative session. Your phone calls matter and we appreciate your support! 

MO Legislative Session

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