In 2016, state lawmakers in Jefferson City removed the mandatory requirement for public representation on the Clean Water Commission. The change was done through a sneaky, last minute amendment that never received a public hearing. That’s right! Lawmakers removed the mandatory requirement that the public outnumber special interests on the Clean Water Commission without a public hearing! Governor Nixon's veto was narrowly overridden in September, allowing for the special interest takeover of the Clean Water Commission. We need people like you to speak up in 2017! 


2017 could get worse for Missouri's people and our environment due to the influence of industrial agriculture, monopoly utilities and other special interests in Jefferson City. Big spenders during the election will expect to see their investment pay off; likely at the expense of clean water, public parks, safe air, and healthy food. Your donation allows MCE to relay important information to you during the legislative session. 

To take action, check out our Priority Legislation


MCE is part of the Missouri Conservation and Environmental Alliance (MCEA) with the Missouri Parks Association and Audubon Missouri. Below are some pictures from our Environmental Lobby Day in 2016.

Meeting with Senator Jason Holsman
Meeting with Senator Will Kraus


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