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In November 2014, MCE formally released the St. Louis Regional Food Study, which illustrates how the nation's industrialized agriculture system is not benefiting our health, our region's small-scale farmers, our local economy, or our environment. Since then, MCE has hit the ground running to meet with any and all individuals working in the St. Louis area whose interest areas or industries are related to food. From this stakeholder outreach, we are learning what barriers exist to increasing local food production, access, and consumption in the region. From our assessment of these barriers and looking at what other states and "peer regions"1 have passed to increase healthy sustainable local food, we have created a list of potential policies at the state and local level for which MCE would love to advocate.

In April 2015, we convened a stakeholder group of 15 individuals with diverse backgrounds to discuss the needs of the region and the possibility of working collaboratively to create policy change. We've continued dialogue with these stakeholders and are in the beginning stages of establishing a St. Louis Food Policy Coalition to work together to lead policy initiatives to foster a thriving local food system. There is great interest in several policy initiatives and collaborative efforts that MCE seeks to help facilitate  the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition. 

To Continue This Work, We Need Your Support

For the month of September, we are launching our #MOLocalSTL Campaign to raise funds to continue our work to lead this stakeholder group in one or more policy initiatives.

Check out our video below summarizing the impacts of our industrialized food system in the St. Louis Regional Foodshed and consider making a donation to the Food and Farm Program. Special thanks to cinematographer Stephen Greathouse for donating his time and talent to make this incredible video! Visit Stephen's Vimeo page to view more of his great work. 

We are seeking to raise $5,000 during the month of September. For your generous contributions, here are the ways we will express our gratitude for your support:

For donations of $20 or more, receive a social media shout out from MCE's Facebook page@MoEnviron Twitter, and @MCEFoodFarm Twitter.

For donations of $50-74, receive an MCE water bottle, available for pick-up at the MCE office or at the next MCE event. 

For donations of $75 or more, receive an MCE cookbook, available for pick-up at the MCE office or at the next MCE event.

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1  For more information on peer regions, see East-West Gateway's 2011 Where We Stand, assessing how St. Louis compares to 34 other metro areas across the country in nine statistical categories, including demographics; individual and family well-being; racial disparity; regional safety and security; and urban form and physical environment.


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