TAKE ACTION - Citizens should have a voice in protecting our waters. 

Factory Farms are undermining our rights to clean water and air. The Clean Water Commission is a 7-member citizens' board which holds the authority in Missouri to implement the federal Clean Water Act and Missouri Clean Water Law and certify factory farm permits. A new state law (HB 1713) has removed the legal requirement for public representation on this Commission. With this law, the balance of power on the Commission can be shifted away from the public in favor of the very industries the Commission regulates, like Big Agriculture. While not required, the Governor has the power to maintain a majority of public representation by appointing 4 members of the public to the Commission. Call Governor Greitens TODAY. Let him know it is crucial to preserve the public majority on the Clean Water Commission!
Take action through the online form below to contact the Governor. Learn more! Watch our video, The Great Factory Farm Scandal, which details the background leading up to this harmful legislation. Read our Clean Water Reflections blog piece for more a in-depth summary. 



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